Sicilian Restaurant a few km from Cefalù only

 Sicilian recipes and country kitchen.

Organic meat from Madonie and Nebrodi Mountains.

Vegetables at km 0.

Bread with natural yeast and cooked in the oven.

Terre di Himera Sicily agriturismo is a small Sicilian restaurant where you can taste healthy recipes with the vegetables freshly picked from our garden and from the region and grilled meat.

Our bread is made with natural yeast and selected with antique Sicilian flour finally cooked in our oven by olive wood fire, after a long rising.

You can also enjoy many delicious Sicilian wines  and ask for meat dishes not provided in our menu.

Fish menu are available only if you reserved it in advance.

Restaurant is also open for people who don’t reserve a room.

Timetable and opening seasons:
from March to December every evening and on Saturday and Sunday for lunch.

Reservation required.
phone +39 338 7908230