Breakfast farmhouse Sicily near the beaches of Lascari and Cefalù

Have a great breakfast and then run to the Lascari and Cefalù beaches ?

At Terre di Himera farmhouse you can do it !

At Terre di Himera breakfast is the most important moment of the day.

We prepare a Sicilian breakfast with our cakes which are made with fruit and Maiorca, an ancient Sicilian soft wheat flour.

Whole organic cereals.

fresh fruit from the orchards of Sicily.

the juice of Sicilian red oranges.

biscuits from the best confectioners in Termini Imerese.

Sicilian chocolate from Modica.

milk and butter from the Madonie pastures,

the fresh eggs of our hens.

cheeses and sausages from the Nebrodi mountains.

And then, as well as good tea and Italian cappuccino, there is COFFEE ..!

We still prepare it with the old Mocha and coffee grinder

in Sicilian homes, with the scent that enters your bedroom and announces good morning.

And if you want to have a service  Terre di Himera breakfast we’ll take it to your design room !