vacanze a cefalù



If you’re still not sure what to do for Christmas, choosing to spend your holidays in Cefalù might give you a pleasant surprise.

Perhaps there is nothing left to say about the famous attractions you can discover on a stroll through the historical centre of this little seaside town, like its magnificent cathedral, the sea and the little shops.

But we can try and describe a less famous side to Cefalù, less visited by big crowds of tourists, a quieter and more mysterious Cefalù, far from the noise of the old town.

And maybe we can describe Cefalù holidays that are less touristy and more unusual.

Things to see  in Cefalu

Mandralisca Museum

In the heart of the historical centre of Cefalù, among the distinctive little alleyways, you can visit the Mandralisca Museum, which was once the home of Baron Enrico Pirjano of Mandralisca. Today it’s open to visitors from 9.00 a.m. to 11.00 p.m.

You can admire the portrait of the Unknown Sailor, a picture that has been attributed to the 15th century painter, Antonello da Messina.

Not all the critics agree that the picture shows a sailor. In fact, some say it’s a picture of a nobleman of the time.

In any case, the painter seems to have been inspired by the Flemish school.

The writers Giovanni Verga and the contemporary Vincenzo Consolo both mentioned the picture in their work.

Things to see in Cefalu sicily -Phiale Aurea


A few km from Cefalù, along the main road near Buonfornello, you will find the ancient Greek Temple of Victory, the new Pirro Marconi Archaeological Museum and the less recent archaeological museum of Himera, opposite the archaeological park of Himera, an ancient Greek colony destroyed by the Carthaginians of Hamilcar in 480 B.C.

All the settlements are worth a visit, to marvel at the fascinating ancient Greek colonies of Sicily.

However, here we’re only talking about the old building of the archaeological museum, where you can see the Phiale Aurea, a cup made entirely of gold. It weighs 982.4 g and was offered to the goddess inside a sanctuary.

It was discovered in 1980 and was at the centre of a real international mystery involving art dealers, American billionaires, the Carabinieri and even a CIA agent.

Only two similar examples exist. One is kept in Bulgaria and the other in the Metropolitan Museum in New York.


Things to see near Cefalù-” the salto di Ventimiglia”


Climbing up the winding roads of the Madonie Mountains, after about an hour, you come to the delightful little mediaeval town of Geraci Siculo.

It’s a spectacular view, where the Count of Geraci supposedly threw himself off the cliff and fell into the abyss, while being chased by the royal troops.

What to see in Cefalu -the best village in Italy : Petralia Soprana

Still in the fascinating Madonie Mountains, just a few km from Cefalù, you can visit the most beautiful town in Italy – Petralia Soprana.

It’s an old mediaeval town with magical old monuments, where you can still breathe pure fresh air and taste real local food.

Where to eat in Cefalù – Pizzeria Tivitti


After this authentic journey through time in beautiful Sicily, a stop at Pizzeria Tivitti is a must.

Craft draught beers and pizzas made with traditional flour and cooked in wood ovens will be waiting for you there.

Enjoy your meal and see you next time!